It seems mountain bikers in car adverts are becoming more commonplace nowadays (see also Brandon Semenuk in a Subaru and Bike Park Wales in a Peugeot advert) but this has to be one of the best yet.

The car is an Audi Quattro and the venue is the world’s steepest road in Pennsylvania. At 37 degrees Canton Avenue is no laughing matter and an annual road bike race often sees riders falling off their bikes on the way to its summit. To make it even worse for the car, the street is covered in dirt, water and even snow.

The Audi driver takes Aaron Gwin along with a snowboarder and skiier to the top of the hill and then they shred it back down. As he hails from California, it’s no surprise these were unfamiliar conditions for Gwin, he said: “It was great fun although it’s the first time I’ve ridden on snow. But I always relish the opportunity to try out something new.”

Mattias Ekström, the driver in the video and DTM champion, said: “With such a steep slope there’s no room for error. But I was sure that Quattro would take this challenge in its stride,”

This is the video that sparked a handful of Gwin/Audi/Red Bull mega-team rumours in the off season. Aaron Gwin is of course now on the YT Mob, but this video shows him on his 2015 Specialized Demo as it was shot last year.

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