We always love to see mountain biking getting some mainstream coverage and here’s another great example of that as Brandon Semenuk stars in a Canadian Subaru advert.

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It turns out that Brandon Semenuk is not only one of the best bike handlers in the world but he’s also pretty handy behind the wheels of a car too. In this advert you can see him show off both his passions at once as he drives his Subaru to the top of the mountain and rides his Trek back down.

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Ok, so we’re not 100 per cent sure Semenuk is doing all the driving, but the description of the video calls him a “rally driver” and there have been some pictures of him driving Subaru rally cars on Instagram too, so it’s not impossible.

To be honest the real star of this video is whatever bike rack the car is using. The car spends half the video drifting around corners yet the bike remains solidly attached to the top of the car. We normally get paranoid about our bike racks whenever we go over a speed bump or pothole, maybe we shouldn’t be quite so worried in future!