How to do a RockShox Monarch Service: Follow these easy steps to keep your shock running as smooth as silk, prevention is always better than cure.

If you’ve never had to buy a new rear shock you might be surprised by how much even a modest unit costs. With this in mind, it pays to keep on top of the recommended service schedule in an effort to keep it running sweet and save money in the long run.

RockShox recommends a full service (damper and all) after every 100 hours of riding, or annually, depending on what comes sooner.

Compared to other manufacturers this seems quite minimal and we would recommend backing this up with at least one additional air-can service between each overhaul. The air spring is often the first to succumb to UK grit and grime, and wear here will be costly.

Performing the service yourself is a cheap affair. To do things by the book, you’ll need some of RockShox’s specific Dynamic Seal Grease and some Maxima 15w 50 oil, but that’s about it and these items will last for many services. If you want or need to change the air seals, then a kit can be had for about twenty quid. This step isn’t usually necessary if you’re just carrying out an interim service.

RockShox Monarch service

  • Time taken: 30mins
  • Skill level: Medium
  • Money saved: £50
  • Is it worth it: Oh yes – prevention is better than cure
  • Got into trouble? Lay all the parts out in order as you go and you should be fine. If you get really stuck bag up all the bits and book a service slot with the experts.