The latest episode from Rob Warner’s new YouTube channel project – Soho Bikes – is an attempt to find out which wheel size and which type of bike is ‘best’.

By ‘best’ they seem to mean ‘fastest’. Which is a fair enough focus to have – everyone likes going fast. But it is nice to see the riders debating whether speed is the be-all and end-all of mountain biking during the discussion at the end.

It’s a 22 minute video so get yourself a cup of tea first.

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Soho Bikes state: “We gathered a “who’s who” of UK downhill and enduro talent (and Rob), headed out of London and hit the trails at BikePark Wales to test the following: Is a downhill bike faster than a modern enduro bike on a UK downhill track? Which wheel size is faster down a UK downhill track; mid travel 29er, 27.5 or 27.5+?”

“We taped off the most technical downhill track at BikePark Wales and used Action Sport Timing’s race-timing system to gather data from the riders on their different bikes over multiple runs. The timing data showed which bikes were fastest”

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Who are the riders? Steve Peat, Tracy Moseley, Tahnee Seagrave, Chris Porter and Loosedog Lewis. Plenty of insight and experience in that lot.