This product promo vid has been dubbed The Drop Tower of Destruction. It features OneUp‘s new bash guard being dropped from a greta height on to various things and seeing what happens.

That’s it.

What various things are featured? A balloon, a watermelon (THE classic slowmo destruction fruit of choice), a coconut and finally a rock.

It’s a fun vid that gets the point across and spends a minimum of time trying to bore the viewer with flim-flam.

OneUp sez: “The OneUp Bash Guide was developed to provide class leading strength and protection for your crankset from the worst the trail can throw at you. We’re not going to bore you with the all the dry testing protocols. Instead here’s a video of us smashing stuff in glorious super slowmo with our drop tower of destruction, enjoy!

“Still not sure if the Bash Guide is strong enough for your riding? Richie Rude, arguably the fastest most aggressive Enduro racer in the world depends on the OneUp Bash Guide as he battles to take a 2nd consecutive Enduro World Series Championship.”

Smashing stuff. Literally.