News from Bike Park Wales confirms that planning permission has been granted to significantly expand the south Wales trail centre.

Bike Park Wales head honcho Martin Astley commented, “Yes last Wednesday we were granted planning permission for 23 more sections of trail on the hill. That’s just about doubling the number of sections we’re allowed to build.

“That doesn’t mean we’ll be building 23 new trails, but it gives us the scope to build the right trails at the right time. We had another six we could have built under the original planning permission, but having that [new planning permission] variety means we can build the right line for the trails.”

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The planning permission is for specific, GPS-plotted routes and this is why it gives them variety; they can only build new trails where the GPS track says they can, whether that be steep or mellow.

Astley continued, “The 23 are all on the same bit of hill on the exisitng site. We’re not going to do anything immediately and I don’t think it’ll mean a step change in the speed we want to build at.

“But to build all 23 would certainly be a long term aim.”

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If you’ve never been to Bike Park Wales then just check out the excellent drone video below. You’ll be booking your B&B before the end of it!

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Exciting times for this relative newcomer to the trail centre scene and one that reflects Bike Park Wales’ increasing popularity with riders from all over the UK.