Well, it turns out we’ve been wrong about the whole wheel size debate all along. We started at 26 inch before moving to 29 and now the middling 650b but these guys have found what is sure to be the next big trend in the mountain bike industry – the sixteen-inch wheel.

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Look at these kids bikes with their 16 inch wheels, see how snappy they are in the turns, how fast they accelerate and how much fun they are in the air. What fools we are with our bulky and cumbersome big wheels!

In all seriousness though, these guys display some serious skills on their small-wheeled, slick-tyred machines, including rock gardens, rooty berms and some decent sized jumps – we are really worried about the states of their backs and knees after this though.

As the wheel size debate rolls on it’s worth noting that smaller wheels aren’t completely dead as Mojo is offering a one-off run of 26 inch forks next year.

If this video proves one thing though it’s that your excuses are no longer valid. If these guys can ride downhill trails on rigid kids’ bikes with handlebars bodged-on then maybe we can all push our riding a little bit more no matter what bike we’re on.