We don’t know whether we should be awe-inspired or terrified by this but Intel is planning on releasing a drone that will be able to follow you through the forest as you ride, and even dodge falling trees.

In this demonstration at the CES consumer technology show in Las Vegas, Intel demonstrated its new drone with Real Sense technology. Without any kind of piloting, the drone leads and follows the mountain biker all while avoiding the trees in its path. The grand finale sees a stage hand ‘chop down’ a tree which the drone then dodges.

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Of course, this is a very artifical environment and the mountain biker is riding quite slowly, but we still think the technology is impressive and the potential is humongous. Just imagine an army of drones bringing us live feeds of every rider at a UCI World Cup or Enduro Worlds Series race!

Now obviously this is an early adoption of the technology so it won’t come cheap. Prices are currently quoted at around $1,800 (£1,235) meaning it will probably be restricted to professional filmers only. But if this technology takes off then the hills of future could be filled with the buzzing of drones as well as freehubs.