When a video starts with a black screen and the gentle clicking of a freehub you know you’re probably going to be in for a wild ride.

This video is no exception as Adam Brayton is sent to the Pila bike park to test the new Hope Pro 4 hub. In true Hope style there’s no faffing around – no music, no slow-mo – just flat out riding.

Brayton has a reputation for being a wildman (just check out the time he told us the story of his infamous crash at the Cairns World Cup where his leg burst open) and this video just proves it. The raw speed he carries is incredible.

The star of the show in this video is the Pro 4 hub though. The Pro 4 is an evolution of Hope’s longstanding Pro 2 Evo hub and it’s claimed to be more versatile and durable than ever before without losing its distinctive click. It’s on sale now and a front hub will cost £67 and a rear hub £160.

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