Something for the weekend sir? This video is dripping with bling and various high levels of desire. And it’s also actually useful info too.

>>> Nino Schurter shows you how to get mountain bike fitness

Yanick-the-mechanic is the real star of this vid. Nino is nowhere to be seen. He’s probably hurting himself with medicine balls somewhere off-screen.

This great vid works on numerous levels…

Firstly, it’s actually a really informative step by step guideline of how to build up a bike from scratch (hey, if you click that link it takes you Scott’s blog all about this). A particularly bling and light bike admittedly, but the principles translate to any bike build.

Secondly, it’s a nice behind-the-scenes vicarious look at how the other half live. Wouldn’t we all love a Yanick of our own to do all our wrenching for us?

Thirdly, well… it’s just porn isn’t it? Carbon, SRAM Eagle, tape measures, whips, lubes, things sliding in and out, careful banging, cockpit tweaking. Sorry. We need a cold shower now.

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Video description

Scott Sports: “Yanick-the-Mechanic is known as one of the most skilled mechanics on the XC circuit. As the main wrench for Olympic Champion Nino Schurter, he not only services the bikes of the fastest mountain biker on the planet, but that of the fastest team on the planet. As a chief mechanic of SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing, home of Nino, Olympic Champion Jenny Rissveds, Cape Epic Champion Matthias Stirnemann and others, Yanick is in charge of no less than 55 high end SCOTT bikes. Servicing Mountain Bikes, Cross Bikes and Road Bikes at the highest level is Yanick’s daily business. Check out and learn how to make your bike a better ride with our “How To” Series. Chapter 1 – How to build a bike Have you ever dreamt of building your own bike? For many mountain bikers, building a bike seems to be an undoable project. But putting together a full suspension frame actually isn’t that tricky. Check out how Yanick-the-Mechanic puts together Nino Schurter’s custom World Champion Spark RC 900 World Cup.”