Psynyde Bikes take to an Indian crowdfunding website to turn their dream of being a commercial manufacturer of mountain bikes into a reality.

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As well as the usual promo stuff this vid contain some interesting looking trails and riding spots. It’s not very often you seen India featured in mountain bike media.

Psynyde is essentially a two man band. Praveen Prabhakaran and Vinay Menon are those men. They’ve been making a handful of bespoke custom bikes for the past few years and have now turned to the Fund A Dream crowdfunding website to drum up support to take their business to the next level.

In the bike world we’re used to seeing the Far East as being the manufacturers of our bikes and components. Psynyde aren’t quite as far or as east as Taiwan or China. They’re based in Pune, India.

And they want to start producing mountain bikes on a commercial level.

The bike they’ve chosen to get off the ground first is a mountain bike. This is mainly because Praveen and Vinay are themselves keen mountain bikers. The sensible choice would be to go with a road bike first – as that’s where the market is – so kudos to the Psynyde guys for sticking with their first love and opting for a MTB launch.


The mountain bike is called the Psynyde Furan. It’s an aluminium hardtail with a 120mm fork up front and sporting some pretty decent geometry. Short chainstays and a 67° head angle. It’s looks like a modern mountain bike.

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Price-wise the Furan is going to start from Rs. 27,400 (roughly £320) which compares very well on the Indian market to imported bikes from mainstream brands.