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We already have electronic suspension and electric gears, and now we have the world’s first wireless dropper post. Made by German disc brake manufacturer Magura, the Vyron electric dropper is totally wireless – no hose, no cable – just a remote and a post.

Magura Vyron eLECT seat post (2)

Electronics are in a low-profile package at the rear of the seat post

First things first. Even though the Vyron is electric it doesn’t go down on its own — you still have to compress it using your body weight. The electric component is simply a switch that opens a valve inside the post, and the hydraulic internals are the same as most other droppers on the market.

The Vyron has 150mm of travel and this is infinite adjustable, meaning you can drop the post anywhere within the high and low limits by just holding the button and pushing down.

The remote itself is designed to operate Magura’s eLect equipped forks and shocks, which is why it’s a little bulky and features a couple of other switches. The remote is light but we’d like to see a dedicated design that maybe intergrates into Magura brake levers, possibly using a matchmaker-style clamp.

The central button on the remote operates the dropper post

The central button on the remote operates the dropper post

Like the eLect forks the dropper uses ANT+ wireless technology, with a custom profile written specifically for the Vyron. This reduces interference and means other devices shouldn’t accidentally operate the post.

A NiMH rechargeable battery allows the post to be activated 400 times before it needs recharging. Run time depends on how often you drop your saddle during a ride, but just in case you run out of juice mid-ride Magura has built in some reserve power – once the battery is fully drained you still have 20 emergency actuations, which is activated via a small button on the back of the post under the white cover.

Charge time from fully empty is around three hours using the standard micro USB charge socket.

At 595g the Vyron isn’t really any lighter than a standard dropper, but with no cable or hydraulic hose to worry about you can fit the post in seconds, which is great for bike shops and manufacturers. It also means you can move the post from bike to bike, which is dead handy if you have a fleet of bikes.

Initially available in 30.9 and 31.6 mm sizes, the Magura Vyron will retail for around £350 and be available later this year.

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