With only ten days to go until Christmas we’ve brought you what is probably the most ambitious mountain bike video of the year – Darklight.

We’ve all seen some pretty cool night time biking edits before, but this one look like something else entirely. It may take a good minute and a half to actually get going, but when it does, this is absolutely stunning.

Philips has joined forces with Specialized to produce the stunning, technicolour Darklight. It follows on from the hugely successful Lightwaves (surfing) and Afterglow (skiing) movies.

We love how the lights in the wheels are bright enough to illuminate the ground around the rider and the contrast between light and dark means you are constantly drawn in by the riding on screen.

There are some crazy skills on show from the riders as well. Graham Aggasiz, Matt Hunter and Matty Miles all make these trails look easy. We’d struggle to ride them in the light, never mind when they’re lit up like a Blackpool’s cheapest nightclub.

Graham Aggasiz said: “I had no idea what potential all those lights possessed, it was really cool! It enhanced the visual appeal for sure, there was so much going on in each shot. You could really see all the time and hard work spent on every scene. I think the mountain bike community is going to be stoked, there was some insane riding going on and everything was captured at an A grade level!”

It’s great to see mountain biking getting more mainstream exposure. This seems to be something on the rise recently with both Jeep and Peugeot releasing mountain biking themed adverts.