Hydration packs are great for taking on water when you’re on the move, but there’s just one draw back – you never know exactly how much water you have left.

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HydrateMate is an IndieGoGo project that aims to end this problem one and for all using a bluetooth sensor and a phone app. The sensor attaches to the bladder of your hydration pack and measures how much water you are drinking. This information is sent to your phone that can either visually show you how much you have left or tell you through your headphones (if you wear them).

Hydrate Mate 1

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The Hydrate Mate will apparently fit to any hydration pack and the app will be available on the Apple Store and Google Play. It has a claimed weight of 79 grams and battery life of precisely 3,888 hours.


At the moment the Hydrate Mate is attempting crowd funding through IndieGoGo and has raised £1,590 of its £12,000 goal. A Hydrate Mate will cost £40, which seems a lot to drop on something we’re not even sure is a real problem, but if you back it now you can get up to a 50 per cent discount and a free neck warmer.

If it gets funded the Hydrate Mate will ship in July 2016. For more information visit the IndieGoGo page.