Depending on who you talk to, an ebike is either a great tool for increasing the accessibility of mountain biking for those who struggle with physical exercise or a scourge on the trails that should be purged from existence.

For the Canadian freeride legend Richie Schley it just looks like a toy to have a laugh on. In this video he decides to go on a ride with Nadine Reider and Sofia Weidenroth, both professional cross-country racers.

As you might expect he very quickly gets dropped on the climbs at the Saalbach bike park but as soon as he switches bikes to his ebike he is able to catch up and even out climb them! We have to admit it’s pretty funny seeing him in his relaxed t-shirt and baggy shorts casually pedalling past the lycra-clad racers.

Once this is done he shows the freeride skills that made him so famous in the New World Disorder films as he shreds down the bike park trails. It seems the added weight of the electric motor doesn’t hold him back at all.

And the best thing about an ebike – he’s still got enough left in his legs to go back to the top and try it all again.