Power to the people

If you’ve ever been sceptical of the potential of ebikes then this video should help to convince you.

Martyn Ashton is an immensely popular freeride mountain biker who was the creator and star of the first two Road Bike Party videos. He unfortunately broke his back performing a stunt in a trials demonstration in 2013, he was left paralysed and his career came to an awful halt.

The road back to recovery has been long and arduous, but new technologies are allowing him to get back in the saddle enjoy the sport he loves. In this video you can see him rolling round using an ebike to provide the power that his legs no-longer can.

Although this is avery early stage of his riding resurrection you can see him starting to manual and stoppie on the bike. This has us at MBR very excited for what the future might bring for Ashton and we think it’s inspiring he has managed to recover this far.

Ebikes are a subject of contention among the mountain bike community, but with the industry throwing its weight behind them, and the fact they allow people such as Ashton to get out into the country and enjoy our sport, it seems like they are becoming an inevitability.

We wish Ashton all the best in his continued recovery and can’t wait to see what he has in store next.