"My what big teeth you have."
"All the better for eating fresh loam and sinking into slick off-camber trails..."

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WTB Verdict Wet tyre


WTB Verdict Wet tyre review


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If WTB did fairy tales, the WTB Verdict Wet would be the big bad wolf; fanged and fearless, chewing through wintery conditions and making mincemeat of mud.

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I fitted it in July, and rode it through our variable summer conditions, learning to live with it washing out slightly on hardpack as the tall knobs folded over. As a dry tyre it was usable, if far from optimal, with that understeer compounded by its hefty weight and slow rolling. Then, it rode it straight after a downpour, and while everyone around me floundered, I was feet up, railing everything and feeling just a little bit like Danny Hart in Champery 2011. As summer has turned to winter, the WTB Verdict Wet has really come into its own. Yes, it is draggy, but nothing feels fast on flat transitions when it’s this muddy, and when you do get to a descent, the grip it generates is pure black magic. Almost every ride there is a moment where I expect to end up on the deck because I’m going too hot into a corner, but find myself exiting on to the next straight with the back end all out of shape and my feet still on the pedals. It’s remarkable.


Downsides? Well, aside from the aforementioned extra weight and drag, the rubber seems to ping off roots and rocks and can get quite lively if there's no dirt to sink its teeth into. Certainly it feels like the blocks have a faster rebound than something like Maxxis's 3C Maxx Terra Compound. Other than that, I can safely say the Verdict Wet is even happier than a pig in sh*t.


Weight:1,221g (29 x 2.5in)
Compound/casing:Hgih Grip/Light with Slash guard