The WTB Ranger is a rapid rear tyre option that can add zip to your ride.

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WTB Ranger Light/Fast Rolling 2.4


  • Lightweight. Decent price. Comfortable given the lack of knob height.


  • Lack of braking traction. Handful in damp/wet conditions.


WTB Ranger Light/Fast Rolling 2.4 tyre review


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WTB’s Ranger is one of a niche breed that aim to be the best MTB tyres for rapid-rolling trail bike applications on the rear. Like the Kenda Karma and Schwalbe Wicked Will, it’s a perfect candidate for down-country bikes, where trail bike geometry blends with XC bike speed and efficiency. Likewise, tyres need to be fast rolling, but generate enough grip and support to be able to ride hard on proper singletrack.

WTB addresses support and reliability with its ‘Slash Guard 2’ puncture protection. This wraps a densely-woven nylon mesh right around the inside of the casing from bead to bead, and uses special flat nylon fibres (rather than round ones) to reduce the amount of rubber needed to fill the gaps in the fabric. Which in turn saves weight. By being harder to penetrate, SG2 adds a claimed 80% more sidewall protection over regular single ply tyres.

WTB Ranger tyre

WTB Ranger tyre

The Ranger has very low-profile lugs with more tightly packed central blocks laid in a single/double stack but plenty of negative space on the shoulders. A double row of angled blocks loops the edge with continuous, rather than alternating, outside knobs. Around the inner grip channel, every other block is filled in. There are sipes everywhere, mostly full length cuts, although the centre lugs are more hollowed out like a mud tyre.

WTB’s Ranger uses a dual compound DNA rubber that makes sense as this is geared more to rolling speed than the brand’s stickier-shouldered TriTec blend. The 2.4in version has reasonable grip, but combined with the very shallow block height, the Ranger can quickly get out of shape once moisture enters the mix. It’s also a bit skiddy when slamming on the anchors on polished or dusty hardpack conditions.

WTB Ranger tyre

WTB Ranger tyre

In contrast, the Ranger shoulders actually work pretty well in most places and the tyre is also surprisingly comfy considering the low block height (the inflated size isn’t overly skinny in 2.4in). The damping feels more planted and calmer against vibrations than Schwalbe’s Wicked Will, but the German tyre does have much more control and bite scratching into the ground, especially braking in a straight line.

As a fast-rolling rear option, WTB’s Ranger concedes surefootedness to our favourite; Kenda’s all-new Karma. The Kenda is a bit pointier and boasts much more negative space, so feels a lot more versatile than the Ranger in typical UK conditions. Basically, throw some polished surfaces like dust covered rocks in the dry or slimy mud in the wet and you have to be a little delicate with braking application and smooth riding to keep total control of the Ranger.


The behaviour of the Ranger is at odds with WTB’s more aggro tyres, as they’re some of the best on the market for killing speed. We’d recommend something like a TriTec Trail Boss (that’s less than a 100g heavier) and isn’t much slower considering the extra security – this tyre might even make for a more sorted down-country rear option for riders emphasising down above country.


Sizes:27.5/29 x 2.25/2.4 (29x2.4in tested)