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Score 9

Vee Tyre Co Flow Snap


  • Predictable straight line grip.
  • Excellent under braking.
  • Tubeless setup is fuss free.


  • Diamond shaped side knobs break traction a little less predictably.
  • Rigid carcass.


Vee Tyre Co Flow Snap Enduro Core tyre review


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New kid on the block the Vee Tyre Co Flow Snap is an aggressively treaded tyre designed for use in all conditions from dry, loose to wet mud.

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In a market dominated by a tiny handful of brands, any new challenger has to have a pretty strong product to stand a chance. Fortunately for Vee Tyre Co. their latest enduro/gravity/bike park tyre, the Flow Snap, is more than just a bit good.

vee tyre co flow snap

Closer knobs for paddle-like traction. Open knobs for clearance.

Vee Tyre Co Flow Snap Enduro Core tyre review

First off, the Flow Snap uses an angled, sharp-edged block pattern for the tread that puts pairs of close-set knobs interspersed with more open pairings. This placement gives it a more multi-purpose slant and places the Flow Snap as tyre suitable for both front and rear use.

Since it’s a tyre Vee say is for ‘universal gravity’ use they’ve given it a pretty heavy duty construction. The tyres we’ve been testing have the slightly lighter Enduro Core, single ply casing but Vee also make the Flow Snap with their heaviest duty, double ply Gravity Core casing. And so far the construction and durability of the tyre has been exemplary.

However if you tend to ride a lot of rocky bike park and DH style terrain it is probably worth the extra reassurance of going for the thicker Gravity Core casing.

flow snap

Angled, almost diamond shaped side knobs aren’t quite as grippy as taller, straighter edged versions.


Since the first ride the performance of the Flow Snap has impressed. Billed as a tyre suitable for everything from dry to loose to muddy conditions, it certainly achieves what it sets out to do. The relatively open spacing clears quickly and maintains a high level of grip throughout the set range of trail conditions.

It’s really only been in thick, wet mud that the tyre has failed to adhere to the ground as it should. But to be honest, the trail conditions have been so cruddy that nothing short of specific mud tyres has been able to work properly.

flow snap

Stiff Enduro Core carcass is quite rigid.


Cornering grip and confidence is the true test of any tyre and here again I’ve been surprised with how aggressively you can lean them in. There are a few tracks in the local area that are a true test of cornering and it was testament to the ability of the tyre that I didn’t even have to think about it and could just concentrate on riding.

Fortunately, any loss of traction is quite predictable so you can tickle the line and be ready to dab if needed.

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The one thing that isn’t quite as great about the Flow Snap is the carcass construction. Yes, it has held up well to rocks and puncture inducing hits but it’s a little on the rigid side. On rocky and hard packed ground, despite the softer 48a durometer Tackee compound it deflects more than it should. Making it feel like you are running the tyre with the pressure a shade too high. Drop the pressure a couple of psi and it starts feeling better.


Sizes:27.5in x 2.35in, 29in x 2.35in