The Specialized Storm Control offers fantastic value but punctured in UK conditions

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Specialized Storm Control 2Bliss



Specialized Storm Control 2Bliss tyre review


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At £30, the Specialized Storm Control is fantastic value, and a great option for taming those unintentional drifts through the winter.

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The spread-out knobs have excellent mud-clearing ability, good bite in gloop and softer dirt, and yet manage to remain efficient at devouring the miles.

Key to the Storm’s versatility is its low weight, which means it’s never a chore to accelerate, combined with sure-footedness, that stems from a tread pattern and rubber compound that works well in a broad range of conditions and soil types. The offset shoulder knobs on the Storm Control can be so grippy, in fact, the tyre can oversteer across extreme off-camber, or ruts.

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During testing, we punctured the casing a couple of times, so it’s clearly more at home in the less pointy parts of the UK. Further to this terrain-specific trait, the lightweight carcass and skinny sidewalls need to be inflated hard to remain stable, which isn’t an issue for proper slop and muddy off-cambers on dirt, but it can feel harsh on rougher terrain.


Size tested:29x2in