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Michelin Wild Mud Advanced Reinforced


Michelin Wild Mud Advanced Reinforced tyre review

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Using Michelin’s super-squishy Magi X grippy rubber mix (that’s usually only found on its front-specific tyres), this hefty Wild Mud tyre proved a revelation in the nastiest conditions.

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Across disgusting slop, big roots, off-cambers and edges that usually put the fear into you, the deforming tread blocks dampen any unexpected pings or grip outages, making you feel super-safe. The soft rubber formula and multi-layered tread knobs essentially calms down the terrain, and, more than any other tyre, you can ride with more confidence in the wet.

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This ultimate control comes at a price — the trade-off for the leech-like grip is that they’re also really slow everywhere. The tyres are even slow going on downhill trails if the gradient is shallow. One way to keep entertained between gnarly segments is to deliberately pick out steep, technical, slippery climbs and enjoy the traction, since riding up tarmac, or fire road, will be a real chore.


Weight:980 grams
Size tested:27.5x2.25in