Based on the Roam XL enduro tyre, Mavic has produced a more trail-friendly version, lighter and specifically for the rear wheel

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 5


  • Super-quick rolling
  • Solid and robust on rock


  • Too harsh for comfort
  • Lack of grip


Mavic Crossroc Roam


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Mavic developed its Roam XL as a rear tyre for gravity enduro racing, and now here’s the trail riding version. It uses the same tread pattern but is 200g lighter and with a harder 60a compound. To resist pinch flats the tyre has a reinforced casing and all three wheel sizes are catered for, with the 26in tyre getting a slighter bigger profile.

The Crossroc is actually harder than claimed at 70a and feels incredibly unforgiving out on the trail. It really altered the suspension dynamics of our test bike, causing quite a bit of rattle in the rear end. Reducing the pressure to around 25psi did help, but the Roam still felt harsher than most of the others here. Braking on roots (even in the dry), the tyre felt unpredictable and stepped out badly several times. It also didn’t inspire confidence in damp conditions.

Only on rocky trails did it feel solid and robust, and it’s incredibly quick-rolling, but there’s very little suppleness and compliance. If you want a Mavic tyre you’re better off spending an extra tenner on the Roam XL — it’s heavier but a lot more supple and softer.


To harsh for normal use, the rubber is just way too hard for anything other than armoured singletrack.


Size tested:29x2.2in