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How to set up tubeless rims: video

Tubeless tyres are bloody marvellous. Get the right equipment, set it up properly and you should have no bother at all. Going tubeless should mean fewer punctures and more grip, and as long as you don’t faff around with rim strips or swapping tyres every other ride then it should mean less hassle too. Yes, the initial set-up takes a little longer, but you’ll get that time back on the trails when you would have been fixing flats.

A lot of tubeless issues and the rants you read on the information superhighway must stem from experiences of tubeless in its early days, or a lack of education. I’ve had no bother (that’s me cursed) and I’m never running tubes again because they just don’t offer the same level of feel and grip. I’ve not had a puncture that hasn’t healed itself, and that’s having covered a fair few miles over all sorts of terrain, in every type of weather.