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Bontrager SE4 Team Issue tyre


Bontrager SE4 Team Issue 2.6in tyre review


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The new new, wider Bontrager SE4 – the SE stands for Super Enduro – has a relatively low tread pattern and works best as an aggressive trail tyre.

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Blows up bigger and rounder in 2.6in size than most other ‘in-between’ tyres. Its ‘everyday’ suitability is further enhanced by the reasonably low weight and by just how fast this thing rolls.

SE4 models differ, but this width uses a single ply 120tpi casing, with extra material layers underneath the tread crown and on the sidewalls to increase durability and cut resistance.

bontrager se4

Bontrager uses this finer weave construction to help keep the casing supple and the bulk manageable for such a big volume tyre. The dual compound tread blend has softer (although not that soft) 50a shoulder blocks and harder 60a centre knobs, which are higher durometer numbers compared to others enduro-friendly tyres, but there’s no noticeable reduction in hold from the rubber blend. In fact, climbing grip in particular exceeds expectations, considering the tread height.

Smooth is the SE4’s middle name, and whether this is a combination of different, new construction methods or the fact that you can run around 5psi less air pressure in the bigger volume casing, it’s a great trait.

940g isn’t super-light, but Bonty’s tyre simply doesn’t feel that heavy mounted, and is a great option everywhere except super rocky trails or when stinking wet.


Size tested:27.5 x 2.6in Team Issue
Actual width:64.6mm