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Endura MT500 Spray Trouser II


Endura MT500 Spray Trouser II review


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The Endura MT500 Spray Trouser II is a stretchy, tapered, tough riding pant designed for colder weather. Secure, breathable, comfortable and durable.

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Shorts don’t offer enough mud protection in the UK winter, so I ride in long trousers. Staying dry is one benefit, but legs remaining clean keeps mud out of the house and van too, and trousers can easily be jet washed to dry on rotation.

The Scottish brand also offers traditional hardshell waterproof trousers, but comfort, breathability and mud protection is the name of the game here.

The 4-way stretch fabric is flexible and unobtrusive with a well-tailored fit, so the MT500 never gets in the way pedalling or interferes with the drivetrain. Reflective zippers at the ankle open up to pull over muddy shoes, but the leg opening isn’t as big as some, which can lead to a bit of a car park jiggle to avoid slop and mud going everywhere.

Fully waterproof with internally taped seams, the MT500’s gusset always keeps your bum dry, and the leg fabric is effective for all but the heaviest rain too. The thigh area can eventually become saturated, but it takes seriously sustained downpours or continuous deep puddles, and the fabric stays warm and dries out quickly anyway.

The Velcro loop tightening, elastic waistband set up is properly sturdy and once set, trouser height doesn’t flinch whether riding, jumping or hike-a-biking. One niggle is the stiff adjuster flaps can be a little scratchy against skin if you don’t carefully line them up with the waistband. Mesh-lined thigh vents let more air in on warmer days if needed too, but there’s never really an overheating issue in the kind of conditions you’d choose to wear a long trouser.

The stretchy fabric also means you can fit most low profile knee pads underneath with no restriction of movement, and the zipped front pockets that can stash a phone, keys and cash without jiggling about too much.


Sizes:S to XXL