A new addition to Canyon's ever-expanding range of own brand clothing and accessories, these MTB Pants make a few basic errors.

Product Overview

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Score 7

Canyon MTB Pants


  • • Decent stretch fabric
  • • Heavy-duty build
  • • Two zipped pockets


  • • Weighty
  • • Not waterproof, but get hot in summer
  • • Restrictive with knee pads


Canyon’s MTB Pants are hot pants, but not in a good way


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Canyon doesn’t just do bikes – the German direct-sales Goliath has a rapidly expanding range of clothing and accessories to choose from, including these MTB Pants, designed to compete against the best mountain bike trousers on sale. As you can see by the weight, they are very heavy duty, with a thick polyester fabric that Canyon inexplicably describes as ‘lightweight’. In fact the weight quoted on Canyon’s product page is half the actual weight! Part of the reason for that extra weight is that there’s a full mesh liner – something we haven’t seen in a long while. Annoyingly, it’s easy to catch your heel on the liner when taking them off, which pulls the whole thing out.

Canyon MTB Pants

Mesh liner adds weight and can pull out when you take them off

Given that it’s blended with only 7% elastane, there’s a surprising amount of stretch, which is good considering they are one of the tightest pants on test, with one of the shortest inseams. Knee room is minimal, so they do feel a bit restrictive when wearing pads, and the tight fit generates extra friction, creating heat that the fabric just can’t get rid of. The bottom line is, we wouldn’t recommend these for hot, summer rides. But then again, while there’s a decent DWR coating, they are not waterproof, and the back of the knee is heavily vented, so we can’t see them being particularly suited to winter conditions either.

Canyon MTB Pants

Thick fabric and heavy duty features mean the Canyon MTB Pants don’t blend into the background when riding

In terms of features, there’s an MX-style ratchet waist closure and two zipped hip pockets to keep valuables safe. Canyon hasn’t added an internal phone sleeve, but the pants are so tight your phone can’t go anywhere.


Too hot in the summer, and not waterproof enough for the winter, the Canyon MTB Pants are an odd product that might suit a crisp autumn day, but little else. Factor in the extra weight, tight fit and it’s difficult to recommend them compared to options from Rapha and even direct-sales rival, YT.


Sizes:XS-XXL, plus long in M and L
Women's version:Unisex