A great option for the home mechanic looking for a portable tool kit.

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Unior Pro Home Tool Kit


  • Tight tolerances on the tools. Quality shot-peened finish. Manufactured in Europe. Beautiful cutters. Fully waterproof box for working in the field.


  • Foam compartments don’t hold tools tight in transit. Pro socket handle could be a torque wrench for this much cash. Split link pliers not double sided.


Unior Tools Pro Home Kit review


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Slovenian brand Unior, manufactures bike tools in Europe and has a well-deserved reputation for putting loads back into cycling through supporting events, teams and athletes. This experience of World Cup-level competition is reflected in its Pro Home Kit tool selection, that’s more suitable for working on a high-end mountain bike than some of the more generic ‘cycling’ offerings, and helps it onto our list of the best tool kits for mountain bikersBeing bang up-to-date means Unior’s tools tackle components and tasks related to modern machines with disc brakes, but the pro-level, shot-peened, tools does means it’s one of the priciest tool kits we’ve tested recently.

Unior Tools Pro Home Kit

The Unior Tools Pro Home Kit is a standout option for DIY starter mechanics.

The hard plastic carry box is both dustproof and waterproof and lays everything out in a logical fashion when folded open. The brand claims removing the foam liner pad allows fitting more in, but you’ll struggle with anything else sizeable. At least the tool range included is broad, including top-notch, chrome-plated allen keys from 1.5mm right up to 10mm, and individual Torx keys all the way from T10 to T30.

Unior Tools Pro Home Kit

The tool case is both waterproof and dust proof.

Further pieces include Unior’s cable cutters and chain link tool – both are clearly professional quality. The chain tool is one of three on test that are rated compatible with narrower 12-speed chains, and it drives the link pin out super smoothly, so you can avoid pushing it all the way through. There’s also a brake rotor straightener and pad separator that’s useful and can help save money by truing, rather than replacing, bent rotors. Including a chain wear indicator tool hints at the more professional level of maintenance intended here, and if you’re going to include cone spanners (for Shimano hubs), they might as well have a more minimal design with insets to save space. Unior’s tyre levers feel solid and twist-free, but on occasion you might need more than the pair provided for a really stubborn tubeless tyre, and while the quick link pliers also feel solid, they aren’t double-sided, so you can’t rejoin master links. 

Unior Tools Pro Home Kit

While it looks neat, the foam cutouts don’t always hold the tools securely in transit.

If we’re being critical, it would have been nice to see a pick for removing bearing seals or opening up cable housings. Likewise a Presta valve core remover for tubeless tyre set-up. Unior should also refine the foam tool compartments to hold tools more firmly in transit too, as items did fall out of place during transit.


Unior’s Pro Home kit is a cut above in terms of quality, and with individual ball-end allen keys and a better Torx spread addresses almost every concern we had with the previous 1600 CN kit. It will happily work in a shop or race team setting, but it’s still annoying that the foam inserts don’t keep the tools stable enough in transit.


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