Topeak has just launched a range of multi-tools designed for maintaining and repairing tubeless tyres and the Topeak Tubi 18 is the mid-level model.

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Topeak Tubi 18


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The Topeak Tubi 18 features a selection of standard hex and Torx keys but you also get a reamer, plug insertion tool, a little pocket knife and small, slide-out compartment containing three sticky tubeless plugs. These are the motorbike-style repair plugs and by using the tools above you can push one into the hole in your tyre, cut off the excess and hopefully seal the breach. We say hopefully because we’ve found this repair method can be inconsistent on mountain bike tyres with thinner casings, and the plug can sometimes give way if you leave the bike sat in the sun for too long.

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The Tubi 18 has some nice touches including a little washer that you push over the insertion tool before you insert the plug. This then pushes down on the plug as you remove the tool, so you don’t pull it right back out again. It also has three Torx bits, which are dead handy although I’d like to see a smaller Phillips screwdriver for adjusting gears and also a tool for removing the core from a Presta valve.

If you run tubeless, chances are you’ll have less puncture issues than someone that runs tubes but if you do put a big hole in the tyre it can be ride ending. Plugging the hole is the preferred option because you don’t have to remove the tyre and the Tubi 18 lets you do that quickly and easily. And if that fails you can always try a tyre boot or fit a tube.

For the money you can buy the parts cheaper separately but the Topeak Tubi 18 is compact, convenient and even comes in a neoprene carry pouch.


Bits:Bits: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6mm hex, T10, T15 and T25 Torx, knife, reamer / plug insertion tool