Topeak's latest Shuttle digital gauge that you can attach to any analogue floor or mini pump but is it a useful addition to your tool box?

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Topeak Shuttle Digital Gauge


  • Adds digital accuracy to a basic workshop or mini pump. Covers a wide pressure range


  • Expensive. Large size was an issue with some wheels


Topeak Shuttle Digital pressure gauge review


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In its own right the Topeak Shuttle is a simple digital pressure gauge with Presta and Schrader compatibility, but it has a unique feature that allows you to attach it to any analogue track or mini pump.

Not only does the donor pump get digital accuracy, it also benefits from the Shuttle’s wider adjustment range – it’s calibrated from 0-300psi. Obviously that range can only be accessed if the pump you’re fitting it to can inflate to those higher pressures – some mountain bike specific (high volume/low pressure) track and mini pumps will only inflate to around 40psi.

To attach the Shuttle to a third-party inflator it needs to have a thumb lock. This clamps onto a threaded spigot on the side of the Shuttle. There are two sizes to match the different Valve types in play, but of the pumps I tried it on, it always felt a bit wobbly and some even leaked. The Shuttle is also a big unit, so squeezing this between the spokes to inflate a mountain bike tyre can be a struggle.

Used as a pressure gauge the Shuttle works pretty well. It can easily clamp onto a valve stem using the meaty thumb lock, it has a bleed valve for backing off the pressure, and it can be converted to Presta or Schrader use by simply flipping round some internal components.


Essentially the Shuttle is a jack of all trades, but the problem with a lot of these do-it-all products is the high cost – at over £60 the Shuttle is not cheap. You can buy both our test-winning Bontrager Dual Charger floor pump and an Accu-Gage for the same money. Both are analogue products, but they’re just as accurate and you’ll never need to replace a battery.