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Topeak SmartGauge D2 pressure gauge


  • Dependable. Auto-off function. Pushes on to valve easily.


  • Only reads in 0.5psi increments. Bulky. Easy to turn on by mistake.


Topeak D2 Smarthead pressure gauge review


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Topeak D2 Smarthead pressure gauge may sound a bit serious, but it’s a really easy and quick way to keep your bike predictable and consistent.

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When reviewing kit for MBR it’s crucial to nail down parameters for back-to-back testing. I’m continuously fixing air pressure in tyres, suspension forks or shocks to level the playing field, and always carry a pressure gauge to check settings.

This Topeak D2 gauge toggles to fit both valve types, is reliable and easy to press on the valve thanks to its swivelling head. There’s also a ‘bleed’ feature to deflate the tyre or spring while checking the pressure, rather than removing the gauge, checking repeatedly, and often passing your required pressure and needing to pump air back in. Losing this frustration alone makes it a cut above most gauges on the market.


I’d prefer it if Topeak’s digital readout did 0.5psi increments, and it’s also a bit easy to turn on in your pack by accident, but this lightweight, accurate D2 gauge is now my go-to product.