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Squirt Low Temperature Lube


Squirt Low Temperature Chain Lube review


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Squirt also offers this Squirt Low Temperature Chain lube that’s great for the UK. It costs more than normal Squirt (and more expensive than rival lubes).

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I got turned onto Squirt’s smooth-running wax lube a few years back, and my great results with it are backed by feedback from high-mileage bikers I trust all over.

By using a special formula to stop it congealing in low temperatures and creating more drivetrain drag. Like the original, it’s 100% biodegradable and super silky to pedal, and also benefits from extra care applying.

Basically, clean and degrease the chain properly and make sure it’s not wet, before applying an even coat. Let the Squirt dry as well and it’ll last several outings even in really nasty UK conditions. Big bonus is more resistance to nasty layers of gunk building up than heavier oils, so there’s less dark, dirty grinding paste to eat away at your chain and sprockets.