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PeakRider and PeakShaper kit


PeakRider and PeakShaper Kit review

€149 (including free shipping)

PeakRider is a hike-a-bike solution that enables a hands-free, comfortable way to carry your bike, and PeakShaper is its portable trail tool attachment.

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The PeakRider concept uses an extendable telescopic pole that wedges inside any riding pack and pops out of the upper hydration hose hole to support your bike.

This then pairs with a conical, nylon webbing support attached by Velcro to the (non-driveside) downtube, and allows your bike to twist and balance whilst your hands are free for support on the steepest pitches.

The design takes some time to master in terms of loading and bike balance points, but is incredibly effective at getting weight off shoulders and arms for extended lugging. Another bonus being it also frees both hands for security if the terrain is really steep.

Peakrider necessitates always carrying a pack (you compress the pole for storage while riding), which will be a dealbreaker for some, but for riders in the Lakes or Scotland that frequently lug bikes uphill, this thing could be a gamechanger.

The PeakShaper add on is an extra 300g or so of steel trail tool. Due to the flexibility and lightweight of the telescopic pole it attaches to, this is definitely a maintenance, rather than regular ‘proper’ trail building tool, but it’s really useful for clearing drains, hacking small roots of fixing ruts or wrecked corners, and it’s always with you if carried with the PeakRider.

This strange-looking pairing is a niche, rider-designed, German product, but one that works exactly as intended, is made from solid materials and will be exactly what some riders are looking for, even if they didn’t realise it yet.