At £115 this is a costly bit of kit but if you have more than one bike, the Park Tool BKM-1 Bleed Kit is excellent quality and a joy to use.

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Park Tool BKM-1 Bleed Kit


Park Tool BKM-1 Bleed Kit review


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Recently I did a ‘Shigura modification’ on my Haibike longterm test bike, replacing the broken Magura brake lever with a Shimano SLX assembly, I did a quick bleed afterwards using this Park Tool BKM-1 Bleed Kit, which is designed specifically for disc brakes that run mineral oil.

What made this process super easy is the fact that, included with the BKM-1, are a load of adapters for all the best mountain bike disc brake brands and they’re all colour coded, so you know instantly which one you need.

Also included in the sturdy box are two syringes complete with extra-long hoses, shut-off clips and ergonomically-shaped push-pull handles.

There’s also a holder that you can lash to a fork leg or frame tube to keep the syringe vertical, which means it doesn’t flop around when you’re trying to push fluid through the system. You also get a set of multi-size bleed blocks and one of those odd-shaped bleed funnels for Shimano brakes.

I test disc brakes for a living, so I have all of the different bleed kits on the market. But since getting the BKM-1 Bleed Kit I’ve been able to clear out half of them from my workshop – and the other half I’ll ditch when I get the Park Tool BKD-1, which is designed for disc brakes that run DOT fluid.

Obviously, if you only have one bike with one set of brakes then a multi-brake bleed kit like this is unnecessary, especially at this astronomical price. If you have loads of bikes though, it makes a bit more sense to have this in your extended tool armory.


Compatibility:Magura, Clarks, Promax, Shimano Tektro, TRP