Unlike OneUp’s regular EDC multi-tool, which requires you to either have a special OneUp stem, or cut a thread into your fork steerer, the OneUp EDC Lite works with any stem and does not require any metalwork.

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OneUp EDC Lite Tool


OneUp EDC Lite Tool review


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OneUp EDC Lite tool costs £36.50. Paying £36.50 for a rather minimalist multi-tool and some plastic holder pieces seems like a lot of money. Yet, that’s the wrong way of looking at. Your money is going towards a little piece of simple genius that will make many of us extremely happy. If you own a bike without bottle bosses, or a bike that can just about take a water bottle, but can’t fit anything toolbox-y alongside it (such as my Cotic FlareMAX for example), you will dig the EDC Lite.

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Installation is beguilingly easy. Use the specifically-long bolt (provided) to hammer your star-fangled nut further down into your fork steerer. Remove the long bolt, insert plastic tool cradle, insert regular length headset bolt (provided), and finish by inserting the tool itself into the cradle.

The multi-tool is mostly self- explanatory apart from a couple of less obvious features: the 5mm Allen and the flat screwdriver work together to form an 8mm Allen tool, and the 4mm Allen is situated in the the middle of the tool, so it can be used to tighten/loosen your headset. Some folk assume you can’t actually adjust your headset if you have an EDC Lite installed. This is not true. Just use the centred 4mm Allen key on the tool. It takes a bit of jiggling and rotating of the plastic cradle, but it works.

Not everyone will need the OneUp EDC Lite tool. But for those of us who have the first world hardship of having to carry a multi-tool in a pocket during backpack-free rides (or more significantly, having to remember to take a multi-tool with us in the first place), it is completely brilliant and one of my favourite things of recent years.


Colours:Black, green, blue, orange, purple, red, turquoise
Tools:2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8mm Allen, T25, flat screwdriver, cassette lockring tool