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OneUp EDC Gear Strap


OneUp EDC Gear Strap review


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OneUp EDC Gear Strap slightly stretchy polyurethane strap lashes tyres, tools or whatever to the frame to eliminate extra weight and bulk on your person.

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OneUp’s belt design uses adjustment holes and a tough plastic buckle to tension and secure kit. The plastic doesn’t absorb water and bung up with mud like Velcro straps can and, at 355mm, it’s long enough to wrap the fattest-tubed carbon frames and hold a 29-er tube, 2 x CO2 cartridges and tyre levers.

OneUp EDC Gear Strap

OneUp put two straps in the pack, which lessens the blow of twelve quid being expensive for what you get, and the EDC works well and is really secure. Bonus is the waterproof material is less likely to scratch your pride and joy than some canvas ‘hook and loop’ options on the market that get muddy and can slide about too.


Two straps:19g each