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Lezyne Sendit Caddy


Lezyne Sendit Caddy review


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If you’re racing Enduro, strapping a CO2, a tool and tube to a frame means you can lose weight from you pack and access those essentials quickly and easily during the event.

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Most straps are just that – a Velcro strap in a fancy colour, but Lezyne’s Sendit Caddy has compartment for a 25g CO2 cartridge, a small multi tool, tyre levers and a spare inner tube. This means you can just grab what you need and then get going again with minimum down time. Putting the tool inside a pouch also means it’s less likely to get gunked up with mud or affected by corrosion.

Having the pouches is a nice idea but they’re a tiny bit small, which meant I could only fit a smaller multi, the sort without a chain breaker but you could always ditch the tyre levers and a run a fold-up one like Park Tool’s excellent CT-6.3. The point is just because there’s a designated tool compartment doesn’t mean you have to use it for such.

With its built-in organisation, I prefer the Sendit Caddy over the slightly more expensive Louri Frame-strap (£18.99) and Backcountry Research Mutherload (£18.95) but the two rivals are definitely better made.