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Fix It Sticks Mountain Tool review


Fix It Sticks Mountain Tool review


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Nifty Fix It Sticks Mountain Tool packs most functions you’ll need to keep you moving and the T-bar system is more like bike shop quality. Clever. Durable.

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Fix it sticks are clever, tough and practical modular multi-tool solution. Two longer forged pieces hold a variety of bits from allen heads, torx keys and screwdrivers, then lock into each other to provide leverage to tighten and undo bolts and screws. The bits are held firmly in a plastic cradle, that also stores the longer pieces.

There’s also a tough, cold-forged chain tool and strong tyre levers that can even muscle off DH casing tyres, with everything’s stowed in a tidy mesh stash bag (that can hold a few extras like tyre plugs or patches if needed).

The extended design makes it easy to reach awkward bolts and the whole thing is super solid and tough with good leverage to open stiff threads. Fix It holds the bits in a barrel magnetically and the best thing is sticks can’t waggle loose at the pivot points like practically every flip-open multi tool I’ve ever owned has over time.

Just about the only complaint then is the whole package comes up a little heavy and expensive compared to a folding tool.