At last, a multi-tool that can undo quick-links

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Blackburn Tradesman Multi Tool


Blackburn Tradesman Multi-Tool review


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The new Blackburn Tradesman multi-tool can remove chain quick links out on the trail. If, like me, that’s a task you’ve struggled with, rejoice!

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You’ll know it can be almost impossible with a properly gunked up chain without carrying a pair of specific pliers around. (Squeezing two thin hex keys or pulling shoe laces might work eventually…).

This tool can also store your spare quick link as one of 18 functions including a disc pad spreader and L-shaped smaller Allen keys for reaching fiddly bolts. A useful valve core remover and spoke key are also included.

The chain link tool is a bit fiddly and requires removing a metal block with two tabs that fit in the roller plates, and tightening both these inwards to force the chain apart. It’s not the most elegant solution as the chain gets in the way of the L-shaped 4mm allen key, but it’s totally effective, and could prove crucial for enduro racers or wilderness riders.

Blackburn’s tool works well as a ‘standard’ multi-tool too, although the chassis unwound itself so the various tools got loose over time, and the L-shaped allen keys can be awkward. The heavier Tradesman wouldn’t necessarily be my go-to multi-tool without the chain link function, but this extra feature well justifies some extra weight and cost.