This minimal, matt-anodised stem shows another side to the US manufacturer.

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Gamut Cillos stem


Gamut Cillos stem review


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Stripped back almost to its bare bones, the skeletal Cillos shape results from being squeezed densely by a forging process in a custom mould, followed by a quick cycle though a CNC machine.

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Stylish, conical-headed M6 stainless steel bolts (that remained rust-free) match the flowing lines and high-quality finish.

The Cillos is zero-rise, but has a slightly tall stack height, so you might have to move the headset spacers around from either side of the stem, but this isn’t a problem unless your steerer is already too short.

With a 57mm-wide front clamping plate, the 40mm stem feels really sturdy and tight, and even with massive 800mm handlebars there’s a really direct steering connection.

With the recommended torque settings, the Cillos didn’t move a muscle at either the bar or steerer during testing either.

Gamut’s stem is very light, comes with a lifetime warranty and £85 is a fairly reasonable price for the quality.

One small gripe is that the steerer bolts protrude a little and could cause painful knocks when things go pear-shaped.


Colours:grey, matt red/black, black
Lengths:40 (tested), 50, 60mm