Showers Pass Crosspoint are excellent waterproof socks that keep your feet warm and dry without feeling like you're wearing plastic bags on your feet.

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Showers Pass Crosspoint Waterproof Socks


Showers Pass Crosspoint Waterproof Socks review


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Showers Pass makes a range of outdoor gear, including these new Showers Pass CrossPoint waterproof socks. They feature a sandwich construction, with a wear-resistant knit exterior, a waterproof and breathable Artex membrane filling and then a Coolmax FX moisture-wicking, antibacterial lining. This build is pretty similar to Sealskinz and Endura socks we’ve tested in the past, the difference being that the Showers Pass Crosspoint feels more like a regular sock – it’s snug, super-comfortable (there’s no need for a liner sock) and it also breathes incredibly well, which is actually related to the fit because moisture can’t jump gaps.

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The Crosspoint is also super-lightweight, so it never feels like you’re carrying a load of extra weight. It’s also a thin sock, so if you have tight-fitting MTB shoe, you can squeeze these in without them cutting off your circulation.

To increase comfort and durability, the Crosspoint has reinforced toe and heel and also comes up pretty high at the ankle. There’s no extra cuff like on some Sealskinz, but wear these under a waterproof trouser and you won’t have any issues with water running down the top.

The Crosspoint is similar in price to other brands and offers a very similar level of performance, the difference is this just doesn’t have the bulk of a conventional waterproof sock, and as a result it’s become my sock of choice for winter rides. Every UK mountain biker would be wise to own a pair of waterproof socks, and if you want the most comfortable and breathable, get the Showers Pass Crosspoint.


Sizes:S/M, M/L, L/XL, XXL
Colours:black, grey, blue and brown