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Roost Downhill short


  • Bombproof construction.
  • Zipped pockets.


  • Material lacks give for unrestricted movement.


Flare Roost Downhill short review


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The Flare Roost Downhill is one of only two baggy shorts in Flare’s range. The bombproof construction is aimed at the aggressive end of the riding spectrum.

Flare is a relative newcomer on the UK clothing scene but is starting to burn brightly with its ‘designed in the UK, made in Europe’ clothing range. Everything used to be made in the UK, but now Flare use a factory in Portugal, in order to access the latest innovations and top materials (custom clothing is still made in the UK however). The Flare Roost Downhill shorts are one of only two baggy shorts that Flare produce. Aimed at the rider for whom going hard at bike parks and at downhill races is their raison d’être.

Flare Roost Downhill

Can you spot them???

Seriously robust

The Roost is mainly made from heavy duty 500D Cordura. This is one of the most robust and hard wearing materials Flare could use whilst still allowing them to maintain some level of rider comfort. It’s pretty much the same as you would find in motocross kit, so you can be assured that it can take the hits. To this robustness Flare add the practicality of a couple of zipped pockets, plus a zipped fly and velcro waist adjusters. Sizing wise, be aware that the Roosts have a lot less stretch than most shorts. In fact Flare recommend going up a size if you like a little more room around the waist. I’m a 32″ waist and I’m wearing the 32″ shorts, so you can see that they do come up a little ‘snug’.

Flare Roost Downhill

Plenty of waist adjustment if you need to go up a size.

The Roost is cut very flat across the front so, along with the minimal stretch, can feel a little restricted around the hips if sat down pedalling for long periods of time. The upshot of this is they are also a little slimmer through the leg than a lot of other DH specific shorts. Personally I think this is great as the fit is a little more flattering and makes you feel less like you’re wearing your big brothers hand-me-downs.

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Happiest when sliding down the trail

Once you get used to the stiffer fabric the Roost are a pair of shorts that do exactly what they say on the tin. Our test pair has taken a lot of abuse, but keep coming back looking like new after every wash. To further minimise injury (and to keep the Roost feeling more comfortable), Flare has lined the short throughout with a lightweight mesh. This gives a second layer to the short and allows the main material to float, helping minimise scuffs and scrapes. And that’s definitely a good thing if you have a propensity for crashing. Flare has also had the good sense to fit a panel of slightly smoother material at the seat to prevent wear.

Flare Roost Downhill

Black panels on the bum are definitely ‘a good thing’.

This panel is also black to prevent the annoying brown stains that can occur over time on brightly coloured shorts (and not just from attempting runs above your pay grade!). If the bright green is a little too garish for you (we like it but it does make choosing jerseys a bit of a nightmare), then Flare also make the Roost in all black.


Heavy duty shorts that can be worn without worry. The Flare Roost Downhill pack in the style with a slim, flattering profile. Just be sure to check the sizing.


Colours:Green, Black
Sizes:28", 30", 32", 36", 38", 40"