The first MTB specific short from the Swiss cycle clothing brand.

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Assos H.Rallycargo_s7


  • So comfortable they practically disappear when worn.
  • Pleasantly weather-proof.


  • Price.


Assos H Rallycargo S7 short review


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The Assos H Rallycargo S7 is hands down the best XC baggy short I have ever ridden in. Supremely comfortable and stretch minimises pedalling restriction.

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For most dedicated mountain bikers, the name Assos probably doesn’t mean anything. But ask anyone of your friends who might have a passing interest in road cycling and they’ll tell you that the Swiss company is one of the most highly regarded cycle clothing brands in the world.

Assos does things a little differently than most brands. For Assos, fit and function come much higher than just sticking the latest trendy pattern or colour onto bog standard kit. Take these H.Rallycargo_s7 shorts as a prime example of the level of thought that goes into a typical Assos product.

Assos H Rallycargo S7 shorts review

Think tailored short not boardshort.

The H.Rallycargo_s7 (I’ll call it the Rallycargo from now on!) is Assos’ first off-road short and they look and feel a little different from the norm.

The most noticeable difference is in the cut of the shorts. Most typical baggy MTB shorts are cut in the same style as a pair of everyday, casual shorts. The Rallycargo however, fits much more like a tight lycra short, albeit one with baggy legs. Around the waist, backside and upper thighs the very stretchy water-resistant material conforms to the body like no other baggy. These are certainly not a short for riders averse to presenting a lycra-esque profile!

The leg construction claws it back into proper baggy territory with a much looser cut. This, combined with the stretch, gives it a perfect amount of free leg movement.

assos H Rallycargo

The stretch panelling creates comfort at the expense of a slight Superman look.

There is no opening fly or proper closure system with the Rallycargo. Just a reliance on the stretch of the material and two zipped waist gussets to fine tune the fit. This stretch panelling takes a bit of getting used to as it gives the impression that you’re doing a superman (pants over the top). Fine on the bike but your mates might take the Michael if you wear them in the pub.

The same type of fit adjustment can be found running up the outside of the thigh. These can be opened to provide a baggier fit or zipped shut for when ‘aero is everything’.

assos H Rallycargo

The H.Rallycargo has to be one of the most comfortable XC/longer distance baggy short ever tested.

You want comfort? You got it.

Before we address the only real bugbear with the Rallycargo, let me just say that short (sorry!) of riding in a pair of bibs, these are hands down the best XC baggy short I have ever ridden in. They are supremely comfortable to wear, I’ve worn them for multiple, full days in the saddle with no issues. Not only that, but they pretty much disappear from your mind when riding, as the best kit tends to do.

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The material is whisper quiet, the leg length is ideal for this type of short (you wouldn’t want to wear knee pads with them though!) and the stretch ensures they never restrict movement.

Testament to this performance, I actually now choose to race cross-country in these shorts rather than my usual lycra and don’t regret it. Also, with care these will last forever, such is the quality of the materials, construction and stitching.

assos H Rallycargo

Zipped leg gussets create more space.

So as I alluded to above there is a slight bugbear; the price. The H.Rallycargo costs one hundred and fifty pounds(!) For a pair of baggy shorts, the price is high.

If you want Assos’ liner that’ll add another ninety on top. So nearly two hundred and fifty pounds for the set (you could buy three pairs of the highly rated Bontrager Lithos short and still have change!).

Before you all decry this as crazy however, just remember that these are definitely a pair of shorts that go someway to justify the high price tag.


Without doubt one of the most comfortable pairs of shorts for riding, the Assos H.Rallycargo_S7 packs in a lot of cutting edge design. The eye-watering price tag might take some swallowing but they should provide many years of reliable use.


Sizes:XS-XL (plus an extra wide XL)
Colours:Block black, Piton green, National red