A great pair of flat pedal mountain bike shoes for a great price, the Specialized 2FO Roost Canvas shoes offer good breathability and fit

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Score 9

Specialized 2FO Roost Canvas Shoes


  • Good breathability, great fit, supportive arch, great price


  • Looks tatty quickly, collapsed heel


Specialized 2FO Roost Canvas Shoes


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One of the cheaper flat pedal shoes on test is the Specialized 2FO Roost Canvas. It has a textile upper that looks great out of the box and offers good breathability and a nice fit, but it started to get pretty tatty after just a couple of rides.

The heel on this shoe also collapsed not long after, and while we said this was due to a previous tester not undoing the laces, we’ve been really careful to do that this time around and it’s still crumpled. Adding a bumper and maybe a bit of scuff protection would help with the support (the shoe only has a small toe cap), but that would obviously bump up the price.

What you get for the money is Specialized’s excellent SlipNot ST rubber sole. It has a hex-shaped lug pattern, which has a good bite on any flat pedal, and side by side with the Freerider Pro it’s also a similar durometer. When we measured both shoes, they came out roughly the same. The Specialized 2FO Roost Canvas was a little bit more flexible than the previous Freerider Pro, but the latest Five Ten here has a better feel. 

Both shoes use an EVA foam midsole for shock absorption, and we reckon there’s little to choose between them in this regard. The Roost does have a better-quality Body Geometry insole with a more supportive arch, and it is slightly higher cut around the ankle. The tongue also boasts a bit more padding.

Check out some more flat-pedal shoe options with our guide to the best mountain bike shoes. And don’t forget the other half of the equation: a great pair of flat mountain bike pedals will give you better control. 


Two main things separate this shoe from the FiveTen Freerider Pro – the price and the quality. The Specialized 2FO Roost Canvas is £20 cheaper, so it’s better value, but the heel collapsed after only three rides and looked like we’d spent six months in them. The rubber compound truly feels as soft on the pedal as it measures on the scale, but the 2FO Roost Canvas takes runner-up spot because it’s just not as hard-wearing, and that low price tag won’t matter when you have to replace them sooner. It’s also worth considering the more robust Specialized 2FO DH version for an extra £35. 


Weight:718g (pair)
Sizes:36-49 EU