"Ready to kick some ass in a shiny, mean way." Reader review by Katie Macarelli.

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SiDi Dominator 7 MTB


SiDi Dominator 7 MTB shoe review


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The SiDi Dominator 7 MTB is an all-rounder: whether you’re a racer, an adventurer, or a cross-country enthusiast, the Dominator is designed for you.

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Reader review by Katie Macarelli | Road/Trail MTB/CX/Commuting/Equal opportunity rider!
Instagram: @crankymommys

SiDi Dominator 7 MTB shoe review

First impressions of the shoe?

These shoes look like you are ready to kick some ass in a shiny, mean way.

How is the fit of the shoe – ie narrow, wide, normal etc?

My loving/well-meaning husband bought these for a Mother’s Day present about a half size too small. They are true to size… he just didn’t know what my size was. So at the end of every cyclocross season, I tend to have some bruised toes. I figured they’d stretch–and they did a bit. But I liked them so much that I just hadn’t wanted to ever replace them. Me: “It’s fine, it’s fine.” My kids: “That is gross. The ends of your toes are clearly not happy.” Me: “Shhhhhh.”

How stiff is the sole?

Six years ago it was perfect for MTB and cyclocross. Four years ago I was still happy as a clam. Two was fine. Now I’m just being cheap and lazy, but they still get the job done.

What is the retention system (laces, BOA dial etc), and how has it performed thus far?

Ratcheting buckle at top with two Velcro panels below.

How are the shoes off the bike for walking etc?

Great for walking down sketchy rocky/gravel sections on MTB trails, fantastic for running in cyclocross. Even in really deep sand for long periods of time. In Europe. When I may have been crying.

Performance and durability – how long have you had these shoes? Which features are good/bad, and how well have they stood up to use?

I’ve owned them for approximately six years. Heavy use riding MTB, some racing MTB and a lot of racing CX. These shoes have been beaten to hell over the last 6 years. When I say “heavy riding” and Cx racing, it should be noted that I commute and ride year-round in Colorado. The amount of times these shoes have been sopping wet, muddy, snowy, dirty, sandy, shoved in a bag, ran over by a competitor’s bike, has to be somewhere in the billions. After all of that use and abuse, the only thing that is not up to par any more is the left outer buckle and the Velcro. Both of which I’ve been able to keep riding with post Cx season. The buckle now hangs down and flops around a bit (making me nervous that it’s a rattle snake on the trail lately) but I’m able to pull the buckle back into place to ratchet the top for a ride. I’ll have to replace them before Cx season, but 6 years of use and abuse is pretty damned good in my opinion. That’s about 3 times the life of my phone–without the sand, dirt, snow, running over part. And about 6 times longer than my commuter travel mugs. In other words, the price index is high.

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Rating: 9/10


Features:MTB Competition Sole: Specifically studied for MTB specialty, may be fitted with two toe spikes on the front for traction in difficult and muddy conditions. The toe spikes are sold separately. Microfibra Microtech: This incorporates features of resistance, stability, lightness, water-repellent properties and eco-friendliness. It is manufactured using the "Water-Tech" water treatment. Lower environmental impact, less noxious emissions into the air and into the work environment and the fact that not solvents, but water-based products were used, is beneficial to the environment as well as the final user. Caliper Buckle: Adjustable by lifting the central buckle. In order to completely open, lift together both side buckles, or push the centre button to slightly loosen one tooth at the time. The system is also adjustable during a race. Soft Instep 2: the Soft Instep Closure System is a wide, anatomically curved strap combined with a soft, thermoformed EVA pad that distributes pressure evenly over the instep area. The Soft Instep Closure System is adjustable from both sides, to perfectly centre the EVA pad over a high or low instep. The system eliminates the need for the High Instep Extender. This system is replaceable. High Security Velcro: High Security Velcro straps with integrated locking polymer teeth that engage onto each other when the strap is closed. This feature makes the closure more secure and the strap becomes unmoveable. Sidi Heel Cup: Reinforced cup that stabilises and supports the heel. Anatomically shaped plastic that reduces heel slip and provides increased power transfer. Provides additional foot protection in the event of a crash. Replaceable Heel Pad: For walkability, Sidi cycling shoes include a replaceable polyurethane heel pad.