"I've had these shoes for years and they've held up nearly perfectly". Reader review by Liam Mercer.

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Shimano AM7 shoe


Shimano AM7 shoe review


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The Shimano AM7 MTB Flat Pedal Shoes are all-mountain and downhill specific, intended to provide optimum pedal connectivity, rider comfort, and protection.

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Reader review by Liam Mercer | Enduro/Trail rider
Website: mercerphotography.co.uk

First impressions of the shoe?

I think they look great. They look sturdy and fast.

How is the fit of the shoe – ie narrow, wide, normal etc?

The fit is a bit wide.

How stiff is the sole?

The sole is stiff enough. It has some flex which makes the shoes a more comfortable so it’s a good trade off.

What is the retention system (laces, BOA dial etc), and how has it performed thus far?

The laces hold the shoe on comfortably and without failure. The cover helps this.

How are the shoes off the bike for walking etc?

In dry conditions or on tarmac the shoes are brilliant off the bike. However they do struggle for grip when it’s particularly wet.

Performance and durability – how long have you had these shoes? Which features are good/bad, and how well have they stood up to use?

I’ve had these shoes for years, since I first switched over to clips and they’ve held up nearly perfectly. The ankle protection works exactly as expected and the soles are still in one piece. I bought them with the slight worry that the lace cover might split but it’s flawless even after the weekly abuse. The only niggle is that the sole has lifted a little from the plate where the clip is but a bit of super glue fixed that before it became a problem.

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Verdict: 9/10


Features:Asymmetrically raised padded ankle collar protects your foot. Armoured lace shield provides an extra layer of protection from debris. Exclusive Vibram® outsole provides superior bike control in all conditions. Shoe lace under shield with additional single strap provides a secure foot hold with even tension.