Looking for a shoe with excellent traction off the bike as well as on the pedals? Five Ten's Trailcross XT could well be the pick of the bunch. A definite improvement on the Gen 1.

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Five Ten Trailcross XT


  • Exceptional grip even in the worst conditions. Lightweight, breathable, great for hike-a-bike. Reasonably supportive


  • Definite running shoe vibe. Narrow fit, and sizing comes up small


Five Ten Trailcross XT flat pedal shoe review


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The Trailcross XT is easily the grippiest flat pedal shoe Five Ten makes, the secret source being the latest Stealth Phantom rubber with a squidgy 55a compound and the usual dotty lug pattern. But despite having the most reliable pedal connection in the game, the original version wasn’t able to score a perfect ten thanks to a host of little problems dragging it down. Two years later we have version two, with some changes the Adidas-owned brand hopes will make it your go-to shoe. We put it to the test over the mileage-heavy, mixed weather, spring and summer riding seasons.

Most obviously the neoprene cuff has gone from the ankle, Five Ten told us it wanted to differentiate the Trailcross XT from the other two cuff-topped shoes in the range, the Trailcross Mid Pro and Trailcross GTX. More importantly, replacing the floppy wetsuit feel with a traditional padded cuff has added more stability and it no longer feels like you’re going to roll out the side of them. The original version held to the pedal like a barnacle, but failed to support your foot properly with a subtle disconnect between you and the bike. The new cuff goes a long way to address that, and while it’s still not as planted and supportive a feel as the Freerider Pro it’s pretty close now.

Five Ten Trailcross XT flat shoe

The sole uses the latest Stealth Phantom rubber with a squidgy 55a compound and dotty lug pattern

Adidas plans to completely phase out the use of virgin polyester from its clothing and footwear by 2024, and the Trailcross XT is halfway there and made from 50% recycled content. Not that there’s much to it, the 780g weight is very low, while the mesh vamp and sides of the upper are incredibly breathable, and cooler than most other shoes. That also means hit any kind of puddle or even wet grass and you’ll instantly have a wet foot, but it does dry out reasonably quickly too.

It’s comfy to walk or hike-a-bike in, although sizing is still slightly off – I’m squarely a UK10 but my toes touch the end of the Trailcross XT so you need to upsize by a half. To Five Ten’s credit they do half sizes. It’s also narrow at the toebox and indeed all down the foot, so not ideal for flat-footed riders like me.


If you’re svelte of foot, tackle a bit of hike-a-bike, and you want maximum grip, the Trailcross XT is the one. Five Ten has done a decent job addressing the stability issues, and although it’s still not quite as supportive as the Freerider Pro that’s made up for that with exception grip.


Weight (pr):780g
Colours:Four options