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Specialized Command IRCC


Specialized Command IRCC dropper post review


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Specialized has a long dropper post heritage and has evolved its range to the point where the latest Specialized Command IRCC dropper is pretty bombproof.

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The Command Post IRCC offers multiple, fixed height adjustment, but limited size options; the post only comes in 30.9mm diameter and a maximum extension of 125mm. Although since testing finished, Specialized has introduced new 150mm and 160mm drop versions.

specialized command

The IRCC bit denotes ‘internally routed’, meaning the release cable threads through the frame, and ‘cruise control’, which is a more sophisticated proprietary feature. Spesh’s post cycles through its height range by way of three set positions and ten further micro-indexed ratchets – kind of tactile notches; all aimed at making it easier to repeatedly locate the perfect position for different trail scenarios.

Part of the Command’s reliability comes from using double and triple lipped seals to keep contamination out of the internals, but these rubber seals don’t harm the posts incredibly positive action and return speed. This is the fastest dropper in town and clunks out at the top with a thwack, meaning there’s zero lag if you hit a steep climb section after a compression.

specialized command

The brand redesigned its single bolt seat clamp a while back to hold saddle rails tighter and the micro-adjust head differs from most with a slight layback, which might be a help or hindrance, depending on your frame and requirements. The Command post ships with two different remote levers, including the excellent ‘SRL’ shifter-style lever for 1x users – it’s one of the most ergonomic and satisfying levers to use on the market.


Whether or not the IRCC’s indexed settings are preferable is open to debate, but, if the relatively short drop suits your needs this rock-solid post has a very positive stroke, is pretty lightweight and ships with two remote lever options, one of which is arguably the best on the market.


Weight:512g post, 48g remote
Height options:100mm, 125mm