A no-brainer in terms of what it can add to your ride experience

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KS Southpaw Dropper Remote


KS Southpaw Dropper Remote review


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We tested the Southpaw dropper remote a couple of years ago but since then KS has made a key change. It now comes supplied with 3M grip tape to stop it spinning on smooth carbon bars.

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On alloy handlebars the remote is totally secure, and is easy to align at the perfect angle and position. It’s designed to be run on the left-hand side on bikes with single-ring drivetrains.

Like a shifter, it’s easy to push and adjust and, even when riding aggressively, enables continual and fluid changes to saddle height.

This ability to keep on changing seat position really opened my eyes to what I was missing with push button style remotes (like the Reverb) — in the past I’ve tended to leave the seat up or down, but now I constantly move it depending on the terrain.

The Southpaw is designed for the KS range of cable-activated dropper posts, but is also a cool upgrade for other cable-activated posts that have the barrel secured at the remote.

At £30 it’s a no-brainer in terms of what it can add to your ride experience, and if you want to save a few grams, there’s a carbon version available for £20 more.