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FSA Flowtron dropper seatpost


FSA Flowtron dropper post review


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The FSA Flowtron is FSA’s second attempt at creating a reliable dropper post. This is a proper ground-up revamp with all new internals and a neat new lever.

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Externally the post has been refined in terms of the overall length and features a stubbier collar than before to maximise frame compatibility. It also has a sleek anodised finish with minimalist laser-etched graphics to keep the look as subtle as possible.

fsa flowtron

Ergonomic paddle ticks a big box

A sealed cartridge now takes care of moving the post up and down, and the whole thing now slides on three brass guide ‘keys’ to maintain its solid, slop-free movement for longer. A clever roller cam system is used at the post end to get things moving whilst minimising input forces from the lever. This has three different positions for locating the cable nipple, each changing the tension and lever feel to really customise the setup. In reality, most riders will be happy with the middle setting as it provides a decent amount of lever throw with very little effort required.

The remote has one of the best shaped levers I have used. Initially it felt a little cumbersome and extended a little further away from the bar than others but the large textured end proves to be an easy target. It’s a bit fiddly to setup as it uses a tiny pinch bolt/washer to hold the cable in place and getting the cable under the washer can be a bit annoying.


Diameters:30.9mm, 31.6mm
Drop length:125mm, 150mm
Weight:Post 592g, Remote lever 49g