Stripped out version of one of our favourites

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WTB Volt Pro


  • Durable construction


  • Padding can be a little too firm without padded shorts


WTB Volt Pro saddle review


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The Volt is a saddle we rated very highly in the lower Race version when tested last year. This is the higher specced WTB Volt Pro version and whilst it certainly drops a little weight in comparison, sadly it also drops a considerable amount of comfort. But firstly let’s talk about what the Volt does well. This is still a seriously well made saddle. Over the test miles we put this through it has survived relatively unscathed. The Kevlar side bumpers have helped ward off any attempt to damage the waterproof micro-fibre cover. With a bit of a clean up it ends up almost looking like new again. It’s also covered in little micro-dimples that do a superb job of keeping you in the position you want to. Especially in wet conditions you remain locked solid in situ.

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The Volt has a shape that provides easy maneuverability when shifting your body weight around, following as it does the classic dropped nose and raised tail design as many of the saddles on test. It’s also available in three width options, helping to support the majority of rider’s sit-bones without needing to be overly intrusive. Measuring the saddle and it actually comes up bang on WTB’s measurements, which is great.

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The only slight issue to the shape is it comes up a tad short against the competition. This makes it a little too easy to overshoot when moving about, resulting in a bit more adjustment to get everything feeling right again. Talking about getting everything feeling right, the Volt Pro employs something WTB calls DNA padding. This is thinner than the standard padding found on the lower version and very firm. On longer rides this firmness resulted in some numbness to vital parts.

The lower specced Volt ends up being infinitely more comfortable than this Pro version thanks to its softer standard padding


The WTB Volt Pro offers a durable, long-lasting perch in a lightweight package. It's just a pity that it's upstaged by its cheaper sibling.


Width options:135mm, 142mm, 150mm (142mm tested)
Actual width:142mm